Alex, really! I think a lot of OX machines run using tinyg and chilipeppr.seems

Alex, really! I think a lot of OX machines run using tinyg and chilipeppr.seems to me that one of our members might have encountered the problem and would have an answer. I thought the this group was established to help OX users, not selectively answer questions about only certain components of a complete system.

John, thanks for your response.

OX users, currently you cannot use the chilipeppr widget to set tinyg parameters or to save and restore such settings.


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Hi Everyone! My chilippepr + tinyg setup just bump into a minor problem. It is working fine projects after projects, actually its working great now, the only problem is when i click the “configure tinyg settings” button i dont get to see the pop up settings bar where i could change some settings. What i get is a “edit in jsfiddle” shortcut bar in which when i click it, it goes to the jsfiddle code or something. I am not familiar with coding and stuff so it puzzles me. I will include some screencaps for you to check. What i need is the pop up settings bar to be back and its all fine.

Thank you.


As a fallback, you can set these parameters from the console window. You’d have to refer to TinyG’s parameters docs to set the individual items. The GUI just makes it really nice and easy.

There is a way allowing one to set all necessary settings (more than currently non-working widget offered) via the console. It is not widget or gui based, but does the job perfectly.

Thanks Sebastian.

Yep, one at at a time I guess. Is there a way to send a “Gcode” file that really contains a list of parameter settings? If so, we could copy a $$ list to a text file, make the required changes and then send the file back to tinyg. Could be used for save and restore. Anyone know if this is what the currently broken ChiliPeppr widget does things?

Yes, that is what the widget does

The TinyG Configure widget is now available. Problem fixed!