Alex.  I was wondering if you are planning on releasing a "Vitamin" kit of

(William Eades) #1

Alex. I was wondering if you are planning on releasing a “Vitamin” kit of all the hardware minus the Openbuilds rail. Reason is I am still trying to put together a rig with a 22 to 24" cubic build volume with build enclosure and chamber thermal control/filtering so I can do specialty filaments. I had been working on a RB “Huge” but the frame and rod flex/harmonic vibration got too frustrating.

(Alex Lee) #2

@William_Eades Let’s chat about this machine, I can try and help with the design (drawing it in CAD) and with sourcing the parts! You are a valuable contributor to the community, I’ll do my best to help you!

(William Eades) #3

@Alex_Lee I know it is a late reply my friend. Life reared it’s ugly head and gathered all my time, attention (and money). I would love to collaborate on a large format unit with you. Right now since I have the material already in my “salvage” pile, I’m working on a design to watercool the steppers for the X axis and extruders on my RB and a “Real” plexi enclosure for it with redesign of my chamber heater setup.
The final design idea is:
1 20’ to 24’ inch cubic build volume
2 dual extruders
3 temp controlled chamber
4 water cooled steppers
5 full lighting
6 chamber air filtration

 I know it's a lot, but if you dream inside your comfort zone where it's easily attainable, you will never discover the next great idea.
(Mandy Ellifritz) #4

@William_Eades I have all the parts for the Talos in stock and then some - the acrylic for your enclosure, the lighting, etc. And I can laser cut the acrylic to whatever shape you want.

Like @Alex_Lee said, you’re a valuable member to the communities we share, and you’ve been a great help to me personally, so thank you(!), and let us know what you need whenever you’re ready.

(William Eades) #5

@Mandy_Ellifritz Thank You Mandy. You all have been a great help and encouragement to me to stay in the game. I’m a bit behind the curve at present, but as soon as I can catch up with life, and get Arbe rebuilt to a functioning level again you will definitely hear from me.