AI generated cowboy bust

AI generated cowboy bust.

Render of 3d model:

Height map for your pattern making fun:

This AI stuff for 3d printing and cnc pattern making in my opinion is not really revolutionary but definitely evolutionary in term of technology given photogrammetry and older machine learning technologies. Regardless it is allows folks with no CAD or 3d modeling background to make amazing patterns now.

The cowboy model took about 5 minutes to make using AI tools and the model on the right took me about an hour to digitally sculpt from scratch. I think (hope) the quality of both the AI and my skills are similar.


To me, the scratch made one has more detail than the AI one.


What AI are you using?


I am using Standard Diffusion XL with local install and Marigold height map generator.

Thanks for the info.

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This tool just popped up in my social media timeline and it looks pretty cool, taking a photo and turning it into a mesh. I’m sure that the results are imperfect but as with many of the generator tools it might help people who have anxiety about getting started. Apparently a lot of folks are put off when starting with an empty document. :person_shrugging:

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Thank you for sharing. A ton of them have popped up in the last 6 months to a year, though all commercial. Subscription based or pay as you but all have been pretty crude in making 3d models.

They overlay the texture on top of the geometry that hides how bad the models are.

But for someone that has no experience with 3d modeling it really is a better than nothing and a good start at something cool.

I’ll download this one and play with it. Maybe my observation is wrong.

Thanks again.

Thanks again for sharing. I hadn’t had a chance to play with this technology personally since the ones I saw were paid services but the results are similar from what I have seen from those programs. Don’t get me wrong. I think there is a little bit of voodoo going on to create a 3d model from a 2d image.

Image prompt:

AI 3d model results:

Actual geometry:
AI generated eagle

As they are saying on the interweb. This is as bad as it will ever be. The technology will get better and we will be seeing some incredible results before soon.

That’s super interesting. Thank you for sharing those results!

I fed that source image into my AI and got: (well, ok, it made me think of…)

…wanders off mumbling apologies


One of the best Muppets IMHO.


The height map generators (bas relief) are obviously more mature, but that is because the theories and processes have been studied for over a decade.

This 3d modeling from a 2d image is relatively new (couple of years) to my understanding.

In my opinion is it is still pretty cool and as the database models improve, the generated models will also improve.

Even at the crude level it currently is at, there are still a ton of use cases for it.