AI and fair use


Isn’t putting stuff on the internet in clear public view the same as putting it in public? It’s like you have an AI which takes pictures of everything around you and later builds models of what it saw and then a building owner said he/she didn’t give permission to use the building design and sues you.

Don’t put shit on the internet if you don’t want someone to use it… Put poor versions or paywall it if you want it protected. $0.02.

hmm, that would mean any source code published in public view with copyright info wouldn’t be copy protected because it was published in plain view. Ya, this is going to get stinky.

So If I can get if off the Internet, it should be public?

Your picture is somewhere on the Internet, in all likelihood, is it ok to use your likeness in an advertisement? Not exactly like you, but some may recognize you… These systems are virtually able to create not only stills, but full movies…

When you ask for a blonde, like Taylor Swift, what do you think it’s going to base it’s AI model on?

Picture of a billboard in public, I can use the photo?

Paris Hilton did not post her video on the Internet for all to see, someone else made that decision for her.

Most stories have at least two sides, if not more.


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I think the video did a good job of explaining what the real underlying legal issue is.