Ahh I can almost smell the PLA burning! Smartrap Update:

(Griffin Paquette) #1

Ahh I can almost smell the PLA burning!

Smartrap Update:

So I now have the smooth rods cut and they all work really well (surprisingly).

I am gonna mount the hot end as soon as I get the correct size screws.

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #2

ah. Now the skinny rods make sense. Sorry about the misunderstanding before.

(Eric Lien) #3

You worried about the cantilevered rods causing the lmu bearings to pop up dropping the extruder towards the bed?

By the way, love the color scheme.

(Griffin Paquette) #4

@NathanielStenzel haha its no big deal. I was a little confused as to what you were trying to say that’s all.

@Eclsnowman yes I am concerned about sag. That’s why I only made the build area 200x200x(I have yet to measure the z but the rods are 300mm). I don’t think it will sag too bad but I intend to immediately print bearing holders for that exact reason.

Oh and thanks about the color scheme. I originally didn’t really have any say as to which color I could print and I would’ve preferred all black but the green is really growing on me…

(Electra Flarefire) #5

I like this design. I’d love to make a 150mm square version. Tiny and cute!

(Michael Scholtz) #6

There’s allot to love about the smartrap. For a first build it makes a great 3Dprinter. It’s easier to customize than a Honda Civic and better bang for your buck. Print quality is pretty good. Auto bed leveling with a threaded rod is a waste of time imho so shim the bed with painters tape to get it as level as possible

(Electra Flarefire) #7

@Michael_Scholtz why is auto bed leveling a waste of time? On my i3 it made a big difference and removed a huge amount of the frustration from the printer, fighting with Z-stops and head-crashes every time it was moved or I had to apply extra force when removing a print. And it means everything can be done up tight and focus can be on light weight, flat and support, not adjusting screws.

(Michael Scholtz) #8

There is too much backlash on a threaded rod I so with a leadscrew or if you have a well sorted z axiz yes I agree it’s great. On my smartrap in the end a level bed and a adjustable z end stop means once adjusted it just gets going

(Electra Flarefire) #9

There should be zero backlash with a properly lubricated(bearings) Z axis… The full weight of the X carriage complete with print head is pressing down on the nuts and there should /never/ be any upwards force or you have something wrong with your design.
If there was a screw on the X or Y axis like milling machines, then I agree backlash would be a problem but without upwards force you don’t even need to secure the nuts except to prevent them from turning. :slight_smile:
(At least on the i3, I’d be surprised if this design was any different in this respect.)
Plus I /hated/ adjusting the Z endstop… It’s the only fundamental design problem with the RepRaps. If you don’t have everything /just/ right you crash things.)

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #10

Now this is a silly question, but on a printer like that, do you like having 0,0 as the center of the square bed or the lower left corner? I could imagine that for when you want to pack it up in a box, homing it to the center of the bed would come in handy. You could them Stick a lid on top of it with a bottom part of a box built onto the bottom of the frame.

Does that style of printer have any heat chambers designed for it?

(Michael Scholtz) #11

From the corner. Its setup as a mendel.

You could so a heat chamber if thats what you want but it doesn’t have a heat bed. You can add one without much difficulty as long as your clearance is ok over the pulley. With the bed moving side to side you would need quite a big chamber. I have a video of mine printing somewhere will find it and post it.

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #12

So 3 walls (front, left, right) and ceiling are the best you could probably do for a heated chamber if you wanted one then? I have heard that even that much can make a drastic change in printing for something with a heated bed (which you say you do not have).