after just 28hrs of printing (according to bot stats) our replicator 2 suddenly reported:

after just 28hrs of printing (according to bot stats) our replicator 2 suddenly reported:

“Heather Error! My temperature reads are failing…”

I assume that others have hit this, what is the steps to deal with this (besides contacting support, which I allready did, but they dont seem too responsive)

not Heater Error? At least you told them about a firmware typo. The issue is in one of your thermistor wires. No voltage reading means it doesn’t know the temperature so the bot shuts down as a safety precaution. Check the wiring and use an ohm meter to measure the resistance across the thermistor.

happy with the replicator 2? thinking about getting one…

@Jay_Couture I tried detatching the head, and got to this this…
Dont know what to do fromt there, so I reattached everything, then the problem was gone… for 2 prints then it was back.
It seems very on and off like…
What ive noticed is that at some point some of my last builds get holes, like the extrusion stops but the program keeps running, Im speculating this could be because the heatersensor error causes the nozzle to cool down (but apparently not exit the job?!)

@Stefan_Sels well its nice but as you can see im having issues, after just a week…

@soren_kurgan_jacobse the part on the right is the thermocouple. Before I tell you to disassemble anything (and I won’t) I found this on the Makerbot support site:

“This means that the bot is looking for temperature readings and not finding them. If you’re using a single-extruder Replicator or a Replicator 2, go into the Utilities menu on your bot, choose “General Settings,” and check that Tool Count is set to “Single.” If it’s set to “Dual,” the bot will think it’s supposed to be getting readings from two extruders. If that’s not the problem, check both ends of the heated build platform cable and the thermocouple connections on the motherboard. You can clear this message by hitting the M button.”

Have you checked this setting?

Yes I found that note too, thats not the problem, support just responeded that they will send me a new thermocouple.