After a few days of perfect printing with my K8200  I had some lost

After a few days of perfect printing with my K8200 I had some lost steps on the x axis. First thought about increasing the voltage a little bit but than it came into my mind how the belt drive gear is mounted to the motor - tiny set screw on a round motor shaft… Now I filed the shaft flat on one side and started one of the failed print jobs (parts for a Rostock) again… will see the result when I awake tomorrow!
Good Night 3D Folks!

uhm… that was not the Solution.
Still loosing steps - now in x and y. But only in One Way.
No pattern when it happens.
I will try the Motor voltage.
Mechanicaly it moves Smoothie.
Any other Ideals?

K8200, that’s the Velleman kit that’s being sold all over the place now, right?

Bei mir hat das hier geholfen…

  1. I applied teflon spray to all moving parts (reduced friction)
  2. Increased voltage to 0,56 V (more power)
  3. Reduced acceleration to 200 mm/s2 (reduced inertia forces)

probier ich gleich aus! Hast Du das Firmware Update auch probiert?


so, x und y motor sind von 4,25 auf 5,5 V hochgedreht. Gleichen g-code nochmal gedruckt (4 Teile für Rostock Printer), also an den Beschleunigungen noch nichts verändert.
Wieder genau das gleiche Fehlerbild. bis 2,3 mm Bauhöhe alles OK, ab dann versetzt es mit jeder Schicht. Erst 6x um einen knappen mm in x-Richtung, dann noch 2 mm in y.
Dann sind jetzt wohl die Beschleunigungen dran…

OK, 200 mm s^-2. 3rd layer is printing. looks much slower. But from the printing time it seems not to be that much. The default acceleration was an empty field - no idea how much that was… 2h till print is done (rostock motor holder)

print is running since 30 min.
prediction of 1h53min was to optimistic. shows 1h45min from now.
Measured controller temperatures:
Extruder: 67 °C
Z-Axis: 49 °C
Y-Axix: 85 °C
X-Axis: 82 °C
Will check again later.
so far print looks very good - 23/219 layers 0.2 mm each.

Temperatures stayed constant. Print was done after 3 h. Result is great.
What is the critical zone for motordriver temp.?