After a beta test of multiple weeks,

(Mathias Dietz) #1

After a beta test of multiple weeks, the new version V1.75 of #GCodePrintr (The 3D Printing App for Android) has been released.
The new release contains major bug fixes as well as some nice new features.
G+ Community:
–> New gcode macros : allow to define custom macros in the manual gcode execution dialog incl. macro to repeat last command .Up to 5 macros can be defined.
–> A new “Dynamic timeout” option has been added to get rid of timeout messages when printing large parts.
–> Network receiver enhancements. When sending files from PC using GCodeSimulator it will now transfer the filename and provide options to autostart print or autosave the gcode on the tablet. (requires new version of GCodeSimulator)
–> New “paint ahead” feature allows you to configure the number of gcodes which the UI rendering should be ahead of the print. This way you can see on the screen what is printed next before it is send to the printer.
–> NFC tag feature has been added to store the printer specific config on NFC tags and read the config from tag. This allows one to easily switch between different printer configurations, just put a NFC tag on your printer containing the config for this printer. Same can be done with filament spools, just store different temperature configuration on NFC tag and stick it on your spool. GCodePrintr will automatically apply the config when the NFC tag is read.
NFS tags can also be used to point to a URL containing a gcode file. GcodePrintr will read the NFC tag and download the file for printing.
Over the last couple of days I worked on improving the load time and memory consumption, to be able to print larger gcode files.
–> New (still experimental) gcode parser added, up to 3x faster and require 40% less memory. Now, instead of ~210 seconds for 1000000 gcode lines it take only ~55 seconds. Due to the reduced memory consumption I was able to load a gcode file with 4 Million lines.
The new parser is not enabled by default, because it might still have bugs. But you can try it out by enabling it in the options (GCode Parser = Fast)
–> Many bug fixes and small improvements like: Prevent loading STL files, Fix NaN problem, offset problem (relative pos), Fixed parser bugs(empty line,\t, long lines), Fixed M23 bug when using folders,Fixed zero estimated time problem with some Cura sliced models, and more …
Feedback is highly welcome !!

(Ben Van Den Broeck) #2

As a Glass user… please make an app for it. I have a portable 3D printer and it’d be amazing to get to see my printer stats (and possibly limited swipe controls) for the machine on-the-go!

(foo bar) #3

@Ben_Van_Den_Broeck +1, would love to see that on a smartwatch.