After 12 or so kg of disposable spools,

(Andrew Radovich (BadWolfProps)) #1

After 12 or so kg of disposable spools, I switched to a company that used these nice plastic ones. I started saving them once I used all the filament… I think I have a problem. Lol. These were all ABS. Now what should I make with them?

(Carlton Dodd) #2

Print a go-kart and use them for wheels! LOL

(Andrew Radovich (BadWolfProps)) #3

Lol. I’ve had suggestions of a lamp or a coffee table.

(James Rothschild (JRP)) #4

Grind them down and re extrude them ? #qed #environmental

(Prophet) #5


(Robert Bagwell) #6

A small Hadron Collider

(Scott Calkins) #7

Contact the company you bought the filament from and see if the will give you a credit for them.


It already looks like a nice set of shelves to showcase small prints.

(Daniel Canelhas) #9

Make a high voltage insulator?

(Joe Spanier) #10

you have enough filament to fill 5 of them in my garage.

(Basile Laderchi) #11

BTW what have you printed with all this filament?

(Andrew Radovich (BadWolfProps)) #12

Lol. Love all the suggestions. I sure do @Joe_Spanier , and another 3 rolls on the way. Plus another empty and some more full ones…

(Andrew Radovich (BadWolfProps)) #13

@Basile_Laderchi , lots of R&D for a club, plus production run for full size robot parts for said club. Care to guess what robot we build?

(Daid Braam) #14

They make nice cart wheels. But, you could also ask if the supplier would take them back. If you have enough empty rolls you might get a free roll in return (empty rolls are not free)

(Basile Laderchi) #15

@Andrew_Radovich_BadW the only robot that I know that could use all this filament is the InMoov robot.

(Andrew Radovich (BadWolfProps)) #16

@Basile_Laderchi each member of our group builds their own robot. We use many different types of methods and materials. The robot, R2-D2! They are life size, motorized/lights/sounds/etc, replicas.

(Basile Laderchi) #17

@Andrew_Radovich_BadW R2D2! Do you have any pics? (should have guessed from your profile pic)