Achieve the smoothest finish on your ABS parts

Achieve the smoothest finish on your ABS parts

for very tiny parts and obviously for ABS only :wink:

ABS only for sure. The size of the smoothed part depends purely on the size of the vessel you are using. My current useful (cylinder) volume is 30cm x 15cm diameter.

I tried an aquarium but count’s get a motor working that is outside the flamable volume.

@Marcus_Wolschon ​​ maybe use a magnet or group of magnets to turn a wheel with metal on it. Like a science beaker.

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How to keep a space between the glass and the part and how strong does a magnet need to be to hold 0.4-1.4Kg of material on a 400mm lever?

In my head in envisioning a stand inside the container that supports the rod. Pla might be a good option. As far as how strong of magnets I’m not sure someone with more knowledgeable than me may know… I’m a trial an error kinda guy.

@Jeremiah_Coley PLA dissolves destructively in Acetone/MEK. Wood may be an option.