About 320x320_120V_500W_Heated_Bed on BOM sheet.

About 320x320_120V_500W_Heated_Bed on BOM sheet. Is it 500W right? the Power supply Meanwell_SP-200-24 can handle it ? @@"

No, it’s 120V, you plug it directly to the wall :slight_smile:

Hi, and do you know how to connect heated bed with aluminum sheet ? Tape or ? Thank you :slight_smile:

I used high heat rubber gasket for automotice to glue my bed. And as Sebastien said the PSU does not power the bed it’s all done through 120v and a relay

Also called “RTV silicone gasket” usually

@Botio_Kuo when you order the heated bed you should ask for it to come with double-sided tape on one side

Yep it’s the solid state relay that’s in the bill of materials. it’s an Omron

Hi, it’s my first time do wiring by myself with power supply Meanwell_SP-200-24 … what kind of cable wire I should use for 24V- 8.4A ? 12 AWG Silicone Wire ? 16AWG ? or 10AWG ? ( I’m kind of stupid for this … sorry…)

@Nathan_Walkner OH!! I bought a SSR on BOM sheet. But I still try to figure how to connect them with 24V power supply … Thanks

@Nathan_Walkner OMG, thank you so much. I’m watching it now. :slight_smile:

@Botio_Kuo you can also look at this. It is for a different controller, but you use the bed outputs similarly into input+ / input- on the SSR: https://github.com/eclsnowman/HercuLien/blob/master/Documentation/Azteeg_x3_v2_wiring_(with_notes).pdf?raw=true

I also recommend shielded wire if you can get it. Then run all the shield’s to ground at one end of the printer. This will shield noise in and out of the wires. I like the shielded wire that has both foil and a braided shield wire. You can get Belden or Carol 4 conductor shielded wire cheap in eBay if you keep your eyes open. I get end cuts of it from work… so I have never had to purchase any.

Anyone know where a person can buy one in the US/Canada relatively cost effectively or is AliExpress the only place?

@Nathan_Walkner sorry, I was meaning the silicone heat beds.

I like the ones from: https://alirubber.en.alibaba.com/

Ask for Daisy

They will custom build it with whatever wire lengths, size, wattage, voltage, thermistor qty, adhesive backed, etc that you request. And it’s cheap and fast. Not much more you could ask for.

@Eclsnowman Hi Eric, I found this one on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/14-2-awg-SHIELDED-STRANDED-SECURITY-CABLE-SOLD-BY-THE-FOOT-1-FT-ALARM-AUDIO-WIRE-/181500530039?hash=item2a42464d77:g:H0oAAOxyiOxRzy24 , is it what you are talking about ? @@" thx

Like this for steppers and limit switches: http://www.tektel.com/PLC4234/Security-Wire-22Awg---4-Stranded-Shielded-500Ft-White.html?&Affiliate=googletrack


Then again if you order long leads from Robotdigg for the steppers you can avoid splicing and just run it full length. You wouldn’t get the shielded, but would save some headache.

Hi Eric, but wire for power supply to motherboard should be 12Awg or 16Awg right ?

I used 10 or 12 I think. Then again the board will draw very little. The bed runs from the SSR. So the biggest load is not even through the controller.

@Nathan_Walkner Question was : Is the power supply can handle it. But yeah, if he want to control it, he will need an SSR, but the Power Supply won’t provide it power since it’s 120V.

@Botio_Kuo You can use 16awg if you are under 10 amps, else I’ll go 12 or more.