Aaron Liddiment ​ Great lib, thank you.

Great lib, thank you.

I have run into an issue I can’t seem to shake -
When I use the vertical matrix and the scroll up feature, I don’t get the full extent of the matrix.
I get 33 out of 46 pixels lit up.

Any thoughts on this? Am I just missing something obvious here?
I am using the text example 2 and everything else seems to work.

One more question - is there a way to stop a word and let it sit for a minute or two before moving on?

Your assistance, much appreciated

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I believe this has to do with the parameter for TxtDemo
I am stuck, all but cut the matrix down to size…
I am running this off a Mega, that doesn’t seem to be a problem.
I am injecting power at the half point.

It’s 552 pixels, so not huge, but big enough.

You need to change:
ScrollingMsg.Init(&leds, leds.Width(), ScrollingMsg.FontHeight() + 14, 0, 5);
Instead of font height + 14 you should use leds.Height() and then change the Y offset to 0. At the moment you have the Y frame set to a range of 5-35.
To pause the text you can use EFFECT_DELAY_FRAMES “\x01\x00”, this would delay for 256 frames as the first number is the high byte and the second is the low.
Hope this helps.

Thank @Aaron_Liddiment ​, I figured out how to run the text ask the way up, but I kept the FontHeight. I’ll try what you suggested as well.
I was reading through the file, but missed the EFFECT_DELAY_FRAMES.
For my next part, I’m trying to break it up so I can place different scrolling late on 2 different billboards.
Still trying to get that to work.
Ultimately, I would love to run text on one board and fireworks on the other…
We’ll see if I can make it work.
Thanks again for your input

Well, I think I tweaked something…
I have separated the text strings out so I can different for each matrix.
In the process however, I am no longer cycling through them, it will run the first one once and they cycle #2 repeatedly…
And I am not having any luck splitting this out to two different matrices.

In your code your define 2 pins but only ever set one up with a call to FastLED add. If you have 2 separate matrix that you are connecting to 2 separate pins then you will need 2 cLEDMatrix definitions, one for each matrix. You would then use one of these with each FastLED add call and with each cLEDText.
What is the size of your second matrix?

The two matrices are the same size.

ok, try this http://pastebin.com/GzHgvaz1
I haven’t compiled or run it myself but it should work.

Thanks, it compiled with a semicolon added.
Question - it seems that this will place any text on any matrix, not different text on different matrices?
Also, I noticed that once the runs Msg2 seems to get stuck and repeat, so Msg1 only runs one time - thoughts on that?

I do not understand! The code should have displayed the message “Everything” on the leds connected to pin7 and “Hello World” on the leds connected to pin 8.
So that would be different text on different matrices!
I presume your leds wired as a matrix with one connected to each of the 2 pins.