a subreddit devoted to organizing the printing of  3d-printer parts,

a subreddit devoted to organizing the printing of 3d-printer parts, and then giving them to other local people interested in building a printer.

Can’t build all of a printer… not yet. but they are willing to provide help in getting the next iteration up and running.

love it, however I’m not sure I want to log into reddit to participate :wink:

yup. them subreddits. that’s how they getcha.

Prediction… Lots of people wanting printer owners to give away their time and plastic, not so many willing to give away 20 bucks worth of plastic and 15 hours print time. Hint subreddit was started by a Kenyan with no printers.

sure… but that’s the nature of everything. the ones that do will be exceptional. and hopefully recognized.

We’ve discussed this before, and one solution to that was to use “proof of minerals” as a pre-qualifier for receiving parts.

Personally, I don’t like policing it that way but if it got more people on-board I wouldn’t be opposed, and it does provide a bit of a “bozo-barrier”

I’ll probably be happy to print and send parts to needy, poor, upcoming reprappers, when my next printer is ready. Thinking I will just exchange a few messages and if I “like” what I hear, I’ll send out the parts … Could probably survive 5-10 or so a year?

@Neil_Underwood i thought the general rule was: Get a free Printer (plastic only) and print one out after that. Once we get nice Pellet Extrusion, we have a big drop in Filament Pricing and then it is $ 10 a PrinterKit, so that won’t be a problem anymore.

I was one of the first give one get one guys… Gave away over 5 sets of Sells and 7 Prusa. 1 got sold on Ebay, 1 got assembled and the rest never responded back or told me they never assembled. You can get good plastic for 20 bucks shipped per kg. pellet extrusion is never likely to be cost effective/popular.