A really interesting video run-through by jgeisler0303   on the ChiliPeppr Grbl workspace.

A really interesting video run-through by @jgeisler0303 on the ChiliPeppr Grbl workspace. He did find a bug on the Y axis zeroing which we’ll have to get fixed!

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I finally got around to test ChiliPeppr with my mill.

@jgeisler0303 Hey, great video. That was fun to watch. A couple comments:

  1. The feedrate modifier is not real-time. You have to start your job from the beginning. There is a goal to get it real-time though but that will require adding code to the Serial Port JSON Server to get it to understand to modify on-the-fly and to inject F commands into the Gcode. Not an easy task because you don’t want to put the F in at the wrong spot.

  2. You asked “why did the Axes widget turn blue?” It means you can use your keyboard to jog in all directions including on the Z axis. You can only do this when the Axes widget is blue so you don’t accidentally jog when you don’t want to.

  3. You were commenting on the 3D Viewer feeling a big sluggish. I do think that could be your local machine. I get about 120fps on my laptop. ChiliPeppr asks the browser when it has CPU to render, so the browser tells it “yes, render now.” You were only getting 7 fps so the browser was not giving you enough oomph, which is usually an OS level/CPU level issue.

Great walkthrough overall and I would love it if you did do some forking of the code and help us all out in the community with some cool new features, like perhaps an estimator on how much of the job is remaining, or something else that’s cool.