A question to you guys.

A question to you guys. i am putting together a kit for people in india here. i always make the best possible kits but here people are telling me to make cheaper kits around 450-500 usd. so i am thinking of printrbot lc or jr(if plans come out before 2013) . but i have to compromise on 1 of 2 factors. either i use used stepper motor but geared microextruder motor (plastic or metal gearbox) and official j head or use brand new motors but mk7 style nema 17 extruder with a bad j head clone which does not work that great. what you guys suggest ? I am playing safe right now so not going to make my own hotends or new design for now.

wait a little for the Makibox to go OpenSource, it cost under $ 300 to produce it

500 is selling cost :wink: I have calculated all the factors and these are 2 compromise

“but here people are telling me to make cheaper kits around 450-500 usd”

Tell them to suck it up.

Which would YOU rather have? A cheaper kit with used parts that prints well or a cheaper kit that doesn’t print well?

If the end product sucks, you no longer put together the best quality kits.

There is no shame in selling people stuff with used parts if the end product is good & they know they are getting the price savings because of those used parts.

I’d say never support shit hotends.

Hotends are just about the most important part on a bot, selling cheap ones is just about guaranteeing a $60 replacement later.

Thanks everyone for help. Am I going to order motors in future in china And get my own electronics made. But for that I need money and time. Until then I am going this route.