A new  microSD card image is now available for download.

A new #BBBAndroid microSD card image is now available for download. The new image adds USB ADB support out of the box, so you can use the Eclipse ADT and your USB cable to install and test your Android apps on the #BeagleBoneBlack quickly and easily.

In the future, could Android interact with physical hardware through the ADK or another interface?

I have my BBBAndroid system using GPIO inputs and outputs and communicating with I2C and SPI devices via apps right now.

Cool. Nice to know

Happen to know if it’s possible to run dbus on Android systems? Would like to try android as a platform but have a bunch of dbus services that I’d need to run.

It is possible, but might take some tinkering to get it working properly. Android relies on Binder for IPC, but the kernel is still Linux underneath. If you can make a proper Android.mk makefile for the dbus daemon and build it via the NDK, you can then launch the daemon via the init.rc scripts. You’d have to build all of your services using dbus natively via the NDK, as well.

Hmm. That seems like it could be a bit of a pain.

Does this support 720p video playback?

I have not tried it, but offhand I am going to say that it will not. The problem with video playback on the BBB is that the decoding and playback are all being done without hardware CODEC assistance. That’s why you don’t see XBMC and the like being used on the BBB. 1280x720 resolution has a lot of pixels to push in software.

Yeah, that’s why I was asking, I might flash it later and see if I can playback 720 with MXplayer.