A new act around the block!

i encounter this badboy a wile ago i made the testing team i use it a lot, its the perfect solution for many of us , easy to setup , work really nice, don’t take space, work with most machine that can reverse spindle, mach3, uccnc, fluidnc etc… and its cheap give it a look you will not be disappointed. and the service is fast and they help a lot if you have any question, problem etc…

Rapidchange atc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0GUKdBJ3EU
here is the link: https://rapidchangeatc.com/

i got a discount code for you guy’s that are interested JPLD80 gives 80$ off the full magazine look at there video on youtube and they have a discord too

im not trying to spam or nothing like it , i foud something that was needed for too long and wana show it to the most people possible once yuo try it you never go back hoppefully this will help a lot of people to get an atc for a decent price

Oh, interesting. What kind of machine did you use it on? I’m DIYing a CNC mill and will eventually want some kind of ATC.

work on almost all machine. need the spindle to be able to fwd and rev , software mach fluidnc uccnc linuxcnc etc mostly all software that can take macro command

if you have discord go see there they have a lot of info and they answer pretty fast

and they have a good price hopping to help you and many other with this.

i cant work without it now haha

i forgot the discord link sry

i got a industrialcnc 4x4