A laser that thinks it's a cutter

Hello everyone.
I built a diode laser engraver and used a DLC32 V2.1 with a Neje 40630.

It works but when I launch an engraving, at each beginning of a letter (I wrote a text), the laser stops lit on the first point as if it were letting the cutter cool and then leaves for the engraving. Result: beautiful writing but all the letters with a large initial dot.

I checked the command $32 Laser-mode enable which is set to 1, but even at 0 it doesn’t change the situation.

Could anyone help me?

Thank you

Make sure your gcode generator is using a M4 command to turn the laser on, It is probably using M3 since this is often the default. Make sure this is set correctly in the ‘start’ gcode. There may be a specific option for this in your settings.

edit: removed a comment about M5

In short; GRBL’s laser mode only applies when the laser is enabled via a M4 command.

This sounds like there is either a dwell (‘G4’) command in your code before every path, OR like it is actually code for a CNC (3-axis) machine that includes plunge and retract moves between every path segment.

Again, look to your gcode generator settings.