A fully stainless hotend? No insulation to fail. No joints to leak.

A fully stainless hotend? No insulation to fail. No joints to leak. With easily replacement heater and thermistor? And they think the cost will be competitive. Anyone see flies in this ointment?

Sounds cool, but I wonder how they can do it cost-competitive.

Apparently they are going to try to get a huge order together. Cost will be related to quantity, so if a bunch of people are into it, the cost will be lower.

looks cool…

I really am interested in these sort of hot ends. they do make since to me. I will be in for 1.

The prusa stainless nozzle was supposed to be available by now: http://prusanozzle.org

yeah, supposed to and is are really different though. I wish that he would take down the ship date from the website.

My schnozzle is like 2 weeks from batch #0 :slight_smile: finally

How is the friction when the metal expands slightly?

Josef, do you mean budaschnozzle? As in

That still uses a PEEK thermal isolator and wood parts… but I must admit, I don’t see how those could come loose or leak given how they use them. That is also a very nice design. Does anyone have any feedback on it?

Dude! Where do I order? How much are they? Shut up and take my money.

Ok, I purchased the full kit… First time I bought shit from a Brit! The only question I had was if I could purchase a backup heater element, and a nozzle of the other size. I expect with my luck that the heater will fail. Everything hot fails. And that heater is special, right? So I’d like to be able to buy JUST the heater. And… I got the 3mm nozzle because my machine is slow and I want to put down more material faster. I’m not really worried about super fine detail at this point. but… someday I will be. If changing size is just changing the nozzle, then I’d like to be able to buy /just/ the nozzle. (Maybe I’m wrong about it being just the nozzle). Anyway, something to think about for your shopping cart in the future.

Thanks Sanjay, as you can tell, I’m just getting into this from the CNC world. Yes, please do change my order to the 1.75mm (I’ve also emailed) and if you guys ever need stepper drivers, let me know and I’ll work you up a deal on the open source Linistepper kits. Turns out the latest bi-polar 4Amp 50Volt driver can manage the crazy short 2uS pulse from Marlin RepRap controllers. We are hoping people will look into using them on huge 3D printers

FWIW I’ve enjoyed using the linisteppers on my cnc mill.