A few hours later,

A few hours later, and I’m still missing extensions for the z stepper motor and the z belt is making life difficult for me. But otherwise, it cleaned up nicely…

Looking Good

Much nicer! I designed my delta to have all the electronics in the base under the heated bed. Unfortunately this does not make accessing the BBB+replicape easy as I have to re-level the bed whenever I do have to change something. So your placement is much better!

One reason I didn’t want mine under the bed is also because of ventilation, being at the top the 'cape can dissipate heat better. I’ll upload the stl files for the holder when I’m at the computer again. Also I’ll put up a link for the spool holder I’ve printed that fits over the 'cape. The only thing I’m not entirely satisfied with is the extruder placement, the Bowden tube has a tendency to get in the way of one of the towers.

Aaaand the files are not synced on my dropbox. Of course, would’ve been too easy. sigh Anyways, the spool holder I’m using is this guy: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:454808 but I need to upload the extended supports I made, so the brackets can fit next to where the replicape holder’s attached on the top frame. (you can edit the stl yourself in Blender and just stretch it a good 15mm or so too)

Aaand finally here are the files for the replicape holder. Note that these will be printable on a kossel mini, which Elias’ original design wasn’t :wink: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/minikossel-replicape-holder

Finally the complete file designs I use on my Kossel mIni w/ Replicape can be found in only one place: http://www.thingiverse.com/goeland86/collections/kossel-mini-e3d-v6-parts