A Dillon 650 bullet tray for reloading.

(Daniel Jackman) #1

A Dillon 650 bullet tray for reloading. This was a design that a friend made for his bullet reloading setup. I’m posting a picture of a professional one that Dillon sells as well.

(Claudio Alberto Capra) #2

stl ??

(Dan Collins) #3

Looks like a beast to print in one piece. Did you print stand flat down?

(Daniel Jackman) #4

@Claudio_Alberto_Capr this isn’t actually mine to give. The model was provided to me by someone else who is planning on selling them. If you are interested in purchasing one, I’m happy to facilitate that.

(Daniel Jackman) #5

@Dan_Collins printed face down. This was to minimize the necessary supports. missing/deleted image from Google+

(Daniel Jackman) #6

@Dan_Collins missing/deleted image from Google+