A cautionary tale... don't let your k40 freeze with water in the tube.

A cautionary tale… don’t let your k40 freeze with water in the tube. After a couple of sub zero nights I decided to have a look at my k40, and this is what I found. It seems the pressure got too much for it!

So, any recommendations on where to get a replacement tube in the UK for a reasonable price. I was saving for a smoothie, but now this has happened that’s on the back burner.


@Phillip_Conroy1 my thoughts were a little more explicit than that when I saw it! lol


This is who I used, very quick service.

@Andy_Shilling Thanks for that Andy, Was the Tube just a drop in replacement? Did the item ship from the UK? I can only see a similar tube in stock in Germany at the moment.

I cracked a tube when shirty plug converters didn’t make good electectral contact for the water http://pump.also did power supply as well ,both in one http://hit.the bugger of it all was I had a flow switch sitting on my workbench for 2 weeks

Im not sure if it actually came from Manchester or Germany but it turned up in two days from ordering it and yes just undo the clamps and wires and drop it in. Just make sure you insulate the wires properly when you put it back together.

I suggest being cautious with that red wire.