7 Segment Display

Had to share this. Amazing bit of design.

Thinking of making a clock from it.


just … wow!

Very cool project, well thought out.

How are you planning on doing a clock? Daisy chaining 4 or 5 of these together, as each completes its cycle incrementing the next?

How about the actual timing mechanism which sends increment signal to first counter?

Again, very cool project

I’m thinking of making 4 of them but slightly changing the design. I’d loose the spring for the ratchet, and redesign the cam shaft with the screw to fit directly onto a cheap stepper. Control those with arduino.

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Very neat and nice design.

Would like to see a clock made with it :two_hearts:

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So, are you going to modify your 4 units so that

  • 1st goes from 0-9 and back
  • 2nd goes from 0-5 and back
  • 3rd goes from 0-2 and back
  • 4th flops between blank and 1

Are you planning on only using the stepper on the first unit, and then some other mechanism which increments each successive unit as each unit circles back, or are you thinking of applying the stepper to all 4 units

I’ll make it a 24 hour display, with steppers on each unit.

I was only thinking about it - guess I’ll have to make it now :slight_smile:

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Here’s another one, designed by Jay over at JBV Creative. If you haven’t checked out his other printing project then you’re in for a treat.

He sells the STLs, too. Currently they’re $6.

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