40w diode vs 40w Co2 laser


Edit, I was on a metro and annoyed, should have counted to ten etc…

Nothing in the cover picture there makes me want to watch this video…

I’ll watch it once home and less irritable with people and opinions. Then give some better response.

The video is geared towards a person who is trying to figure out if they want to invest in a CO2 or diode laser.

I shared this video because he’s one of the few who does a good job explaining the differences and pros and cons of each type.

And it’s always appreciated, you were not the target of my ire in any way! I’m just getting touchy about YouTube’s clickbait culture and that video cover triggered me. Apologies.


Right off the bat his is WRONG about all 40W CO2 lasers not being able to run at full 40W power and they have to be run at 30W or 35W. That only applies to the default cheap tubes supplied with many K40 lasers. Once the K40 original tube is replaced, usually those tubes are tested to 50W and 40W steady use is within spec.