40 replaced x axis belt now images are misaligned

I replaced the x axis belt on my k40, no problem with the new belt installation. However now when I try to cut any shape they’re really misaligned. It seems like the start point and end point on the hexagon are off by 1-2mm. I tried tightening the belt and making it a bit loose and still the problem persists. Although it is a bit better when the belt is loose. I did adda .40mm overcoat to have the machine complete the cut however the uneven edges are still quite apparent.
Any advice or information would be great.
image for reference

Why did you replace the belt?
Insure that the grub screws on the pulleys are tight and the shafts are not gauled.

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Is the belt skipping a tooth now and then? I wonder if you’ve used a belt that does not match the pulley’s tooth profile.

More information from the Getting Started category:

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