3d printing issue

What is the solution to this

the program warms me that it seems to be in inches instead mm , if i ignore the warnign i can not even see it, so if i convert it to mm then i can see it and this is the result

so should I print a small object as extreme big object ?
the above screenshot is taken when converted from meters to mm
seems it became a fish of 200 mm long if i print it that way , going take me 8 hours and 250 gram of filament to print
while most prints are done in less then 2 hours ( about 70 mm )

What is solution please?

G’day Emmanuel,
Full disclosure, I don’t know anything about this topic, but since no-one else has responded…
I notice that in your first photo there looks to be a way of scaling, which is set to 100% on all three axes. If you adjust these does the printed object change size?