3d printer maintenance

(Don Hui) #1

3d printer maintenance

(Mat Helm) #2

A big tube of super lube with a rainbow on it… I’m thinking TMI… ;p

(Michael Andresen) #3

Haven’t done any maintenance in over a year, I just replace filament spools, then hit print again. xD

(Don Hui) #4

@Mat_Helm haha didn’t even realize that

(Don Hui) #5

@Michael_Andresen check your rods to see if there are lines like bearing groves.

(Michael Andresen) #6

Nah, will do that in a year, if I remember.

(Don Hui) #7

@Nathan_Walkner yea that’s true. but my printer is located in the basement next to my washer and dryer… it’s always getting lint trapped in the threads

(Michael Cyr) #8

I just lubed my rails and z-axis screw with slick-honey type grease I use on my bike stanchions.

(Don Hui) #9

Yea that works too

(Not Null) #10

Great video !!! :smiley:

(Matteo Pascolini) #11

Good Instructions!

(Don Hui) #12

@Nathan_Walkner hahah i wish i got free greese all i get it lint, Cooking oil? you sound like your speaking from experence? LOL jk @Not_Null @Matteo_Pascolini thank you so much!!! that acutally means a lot to me!! i’m still learning how to record videos and talk better but i think i’m heading in the right direction

(The Hozza) #13

Similar to what I use, Bikehut Teflon grease & WD40 Dry PTFE

Nice vid subscription earned :slight_smile:

(Don Hui) #14

thanks for the sub!!! i was so afraid you said WD40(Petroleum based)!! cause the message list for me showed up as “WD40 …”

(RJ Make (RJ)) #15

Gun oil works VERY well also… I use Slip2000’s EWL. It’s fantastic!