3D printed, 8 inch,

3D printed, 8 inch, 30 sided rhombic triacontahedron with 30 WS2811 RGB LEDs driven by a Wemos D1 Mini Pro.

This spherical piece plugs into a recessed lighting fixture and hangs from the ceiling by an adjustable length, cloth covered wire. It projects multi-colored light in all directions.

I printed the 30 faces in sets of two on my MP Select Mini, each set took about 2.5 hours to print. I need to take up mold making. :slight_smile: I used white PLA filament. I glued and epoxied the pieces together into two halves, then used magnets to keep them together but still allow opening. The magnets in the pics haven’t been glued, they’re just temporary for now.

I’m debating on adding thin frosted plastic to each face for diffusion.

I’ll try to add more build pics and details to the album below soon.

More pics: https://goo.gl/photos/B94uHHHujGrLGX568
More videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFKj8UqcurI&index=2&list=PLUYGVM-2vDxK8WFg5BOkKtZHM2Xca_vib
Source code: https://github.com/evilgeniuslabs/bloom-v2

@Jason_Coon ​ what 3D printer do you use? I started working overtime to save up for one. I was looking at the Prusa i3 MK2. Any thoughts on this printer? Or is there a better one you recommend?

@Cristian_Martinez I have an MP Select Mini. I’ve been very happy with it, it was only $180, more info in my post here: https://plus.google.com/+JasonCoon1/posts/TZwRB1HnNpG

I’ve heard good things about the Prusa i3, but I don’t know much about 3D printers yet.

Well you know more than me! I dont own one yet lol

Do you think that MP Select is a good investment for a first 3D printer?

Very cool Jason!

@Cristian_Martinez Since I follow Jason as my project Virgil, I got the MP Select Mini too. It takes a bit of tweaking, but it works great. Definitely a good investment for a first 3D printer.

@Jason_Coon , sweet light. How is it held together? Also, I had no idea what that shape was, but I got a kick out of the first sentence on the wikipedia page: “In geometry, the rhombic triacontahedron, sometimes simply called the triacontahedron as it is the most common thirty-faced polyhedron…”

It’s the Ronaldo of thirty-faced polyhedrons. How could I have been so uninformed…

@Cristian_Martinez it’s my first 3D printer, and I’ve been very happy with it. It was definitely worth the $180 I spent. I haven’t had to do any tweaking at all. I occasionally re-level the bed (which is easy to do) and replace the build surface (layer of blue masking tape). Both of those are required for most 3D printers. I have found myself already looking at other printers with larger build volumes, self leveling beds, etc. But I don’t regret my purchase, and will keep the Mini even if/when I do get another.

@Chris_Creel thanks! It’s in the description above, glue and magnets. :slight_smile:

Doh. I missed that. Thanks.

@Jason_Coon ​ thanx for the reply :slight_smile: im wanting to use it for making replicas of swords from several movies. So i do need a larger build volume. And im gonna put LEDs in them for fun effects lol