3020 CNC w/ Nema23 steppers

I couldn’t find a clear answer for that, and some of the info is confusing

I have a 3020 CNC mill w/ Nema23 stepper motors.
I’ve already installed the smoothieboard and played around with it, although never got to actually mill yet.

  1. What would be the recommended settings for 2.8A steppers? I guess I should set some accel. and speed limits but not sure how much.

  2. If I want to crank up the speed, what good and compact motor controllers are out there?
    pibot seem to make exactly what I want but they don’t seem to be reliable from user reviews.

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If your steppers are 2.8A, set the current at 2A.
For accel and max speed, start with low values and increase it as you test the machine.
For better drivers, something like the TB6600 is good for your kind of machine and easy to wire up.