2560Pixel ESP32 WiFiartnet + SDcard-readwrite and RTC use Jinx or Glediator to display your

(Stef Weicks) #1

2560Pixel ESP32 WiFiartnet + SDcard-readwrite and RTC
use Jinx or Glediator to display your animations and control all with your smartphone over Blynk

With the great help of Yves Bazin i did this amazing project!
Saved animations and patterns can be displayed on the LED screen. The moving patterns are saved on a SD card via Artnetwifi which can than be played back from a SD-card. With a software it´s possible to transmit live animations directly to the LED screen. The time can also be displayed on the screen. The screen is controllable by a mobile phone (IOS, Android). Control the brightness, patterns and mode selections, clock while a displayed animation are possible.

Visit the projectsite on Github: https://github.com/weicks/ESP32-ArtnetWifi-SDreadwriteclock

I am open for every idea or improvements to the code. If you wanna see more of my artobjects you are welcome to visit my homepage: https://kunstkraft.jimdo.com/

i hope the version 2 of the video below works now!

(Yves BAZIN) #2

@Stef_Weicks thank you for the thanks :wink: great job !!

(Marc MERLIN) #3

Nice. Did you use 16x16 matrices put together, or did you lay LED strips?
Also, I haven’t played with artnet yet, what are its main advantages and possibly drawbacks?

(Chris Tarantl) #4

Awesome Project :slight_smile:

(Stef Weicks) #5

@Yves_BAZIN Thanks again :wink: … without your help this project would never have been as great!

@Marc_MERLIN this are 10 pieces of 16*16 matrices. i think they look better, are less work and are not much expensive than strips.

the best thing with artnet is you can do all you want :slight_smile: (animations, gifs, videos,…) with an external software or you record the stuff on a sd-card. and i think it needs not as much cpu power as the controller would render effect-programs out of itself. the drawbacks i would say the recorded animations need much space for few seconds a few Mb. and records are not as flexibel, if you want to make changes on the fly …than you will need a controllersoftware.

@Chris_Tarantl Thank you!

(yusuf120581) #6


(Jeroen van Dorsten) #7

Does the record/playback function supports any Artnet data ? Or is it the glediator record function ?

(Stef Weicks) #8

it supports any artnetdata

(Jeroen van Dorsten) #9

@Stef_Weicks Super! What ESP board did you used? Some how i get an SPI error about digitalpin blablabla compiling it on an Wemos lolin 32 pro with sd card reader. Need to try it on the esp32 dev kit board and fix a sdcard reader

(Stef Weicks) #10

i did it with a Wemos MINI D1 ESP32, but normally it should work on all other esp32 too.

(Yves BAZIN) #11

@Jeroen_van_Dorsten what kind of error do you get ?

(Jeroen van Dorsten) #12

@Yves_BAZIN checked it, and the file just won’t compile on the wemos lolin 32 pro…

mkdir sketch access is denied

really starting to have less love for this board…
on the ESP dev kit, i get the RTC file is not found, but that i can fix.

(Stef Weicks) #13

do you have enough space on your ESP? i had to respace mine … (you can see on github how i did it)

(Jeroen van Dorsten) #14

@Stef_Weicks I think so.
i’m deleting the clock, and now its uploading

(Stef Weicks) #15

i fixed also a bug with this real time clock…i think its because of the two wire. it also makes some problems with short flashes in the animations. therefore i took the RTClib which is much better… i have to test …
maybe later i have time to upload a new version.

(Jeroen van Dorsten) #16

@Stef_Weicks did you used the wemos d1 mini sd card shield
for reading and writing the sd?

(Stef Weicks) #17

yes! but then i used a D1 mini dataloggershield because of the integrated rtc

(Jeroen van Dorsten) #18

ok. i’m going to figure out how to connect de wemos sd shield to mu esp 32 dev kit… Thanks!

(Jeroen van Dorsten) #19

@Stef_Weicks sketch cant connect to blynk.
can i bypass the blynk app and use/ assign GPIO’s to start recording and stop recording data? or by entering value’s in serial monitor?

(Yves BAZIN) #20

@Jeroen_van_Dorsten can you show me the serial output?
Stupid question but have you change the auth key.?