$119.00 Geeetech 3D printer plus $15.00 shipping

This is teasing my 3D printer hoarding problem!

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Na get the THUNDER!

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Or this one: Easythreed Mini 3d Printer Beginners Entry Level Fast Heating Low Noise With Free Pla Tpu 75mm Filament Printing Size 4 4 4 - Office & School Supplies - Temu

I already have 2 of the Geeetechs and they are bulletproof! @NedMan has one too. Not sure if he is still enjoying it or not. The parts alone are worth the price.

I need to save my pennies for the Voron.


if you already have one or two ‘bed slingers’ then I would save my money for a corexy based machine or even a delta. Not only are Delta type 3D printers fast they are just so enjoyable to watch.

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ooooow, it has closed-loop control! Finally someone is adding closed loop motion control to these machines. Yay!


Yeah, my A10 is still going strong, no complaints.
It looks like they are using the GT2560 control board with stepsticks mounts for the drivers. That’s what mine has, but they had then done away with the stepsticks for fixed A4988 drivers. Glad to see they are back to using stepsticks so you can upgrade the drivers.

Hard to justify getting another printer myself. I don’t’ really print that much and if I need to do multiple prints at the same time I can just use the ones at my maker space. We even just got a Carbon Bambu. Man that thing is fast.

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Yep these are really coming down in price!

I’ve had a Tevo Tarantula kit printer for a while… it was a gift that probably cost my loved ones ~$400 AUD. It’s a Frankenstein printer - I had to add filament cooling, a dual z, proximity sensor for bed levelling and the cable management and user interface is awful.

A couple of months ago I bought a little Dobot MOOZ-3 colour mixing Delta printer for $150 AUD

Then I set about upgrading my Tarantula when the place where I bought the Dobot offered a Creality Ender 3 V2 Neo for $250 AUD - (note 1 AUD = ~ 0.65 US.) It has all of the upgrades that I wanted to fit to my Tarantula (Bl Touch, magnetic build plate, excellent cable management and a very nice graphical interface) probably for as much as I would pay for the parts to upgrade my Tarantula.

The other day someone offered his Ender 3 Pro in FB Market place for $150 AUD - $0 to a local school or not-for profit, so I put my hand up for our local school. Great printer with great included software. TinkerCAD plas this printer will make a great teaching resource - for $0 !!! (I am quite amazed at the generosity that I have encountered in forums such as this - I’m trying to follow your example).

I think that the CoreXY - direct drive - printers from Bambu etc are really coming down in price - and the so - just to compete - the Cartesian printers from Creality etc can be bought for very little more than the price of the parts. Still great printers with the potential of providing hours of fun and learning. I’ve used my Tarantula to print engineering parts for a drum sanding machine.


What is it about having two printers, Me included. There I was going along, making pieces and parts with an ender3, when I decided to put it into an enclosure. As I was building the box and upgrading the printer, BAM, I find an S1-pro on sale. So yeah, I know the feeling too. Now that we’re old enough so that we don’t have to save our allowance, nor ask permission. And since it fits into our hobby room nicely…
My brother is a fisherman, he has fishing poles of all types, materials, sizes… He has more than 50 poles, and as many reels, and I couldn’t catch a fish in a bowl. And he doesn’t understand why I will spend three days measuring and drawing and printing a dragon helmet for my dog. To me, All fish look the same, as does all fishing poles and reels…
Buy the printer, as long as it doesn’t cause any issues with your mate and your money!