100W Chinese Laser Electrical Issues


I operate a small making business out of Tampa, FL. I normally operate a 100W Chinese laser but a couple weeks ago it stopped mid-cut and I turned it off and then on, it came on for a few seconds, then flittered off again. I opened it up to find one of the nodes had melted away the shrink wrap and it had actually melted through the power switch.

I was able to find and replace the power switch but that didn’t work. I read some FAQs and it seemed like the next option was to replace the 24V power supply but that didn’t seem to help. I’m not getting the LED on the 24V power supply to light up at all on either supply. I’m a maker, not an electrician, so my knowledge on electrical systems is minimal. My next step is to either replace the main board/controller but that’s going to cost several hundred dollars.

I’m 3 weeks behind on my orders of covid facemasks because I can’t get my laser to work to cut the leather and it’s really hurting me. Can anyone offer some advice or troubleshooting steps so I can more accurately track what is actually wrong? I only have a pen tool that detects electricty (getting a multimeter tomorrow) but I can trace that when I turn on the switch and the various buttons that electricity is being delivered to the various items. I can tell for instance power is being delivered to the 24V power supply but there is no power coming out of it. The little green output LED doesn’t light up at all which leads me to believe the problem may be the controller since that’s where the 24V output goes directly to but I’m hoping I can confirm that before I go and spend $400+ on a repair that may or may not work.

Any help that you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

Ok, will try and help even though I do not have this machine. I am familiar with the components.
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1. Can you post some pictures of this switch and its nodes that melted or have you already replaced it?

We need to find out why this switch had so much current through it.

  1. Is the new power switch working i.e has power in and out?
  2. What does the machine do when you power it on.
  3. What does the control panel look like with power applied

My guess is something failed and drew lots of currents and the power switch is in series with it.

  1. Did you replace the 24V supply?
  2. Does the 24V supply have 120V on the input?
  3. Does the 24V supply have 24V on the output (how do you know)?
  4. Post a close up picture of the LPS connectors. Are there any LED’s on in that supply when power is applied.

If there is 120V on the input to the 24vdc supply and there is no 24 output then that power supply may be bad or it is being loaded down by another component.
Disconnect the output of the 24V supply and then turn the power on to see if there is then a 24VDC output and the green LED is on.

  1. Was the picture you included above take with the power on?