100 User Milestone

We have reached a minor milestone and have hit the 100 user mark. As more users start posting, the forums will start to grow. I am sure that as the time gets closer to the G+ shut down there will be an explosive growth, and we will be ready to handle it. The Digital Ocean servers are scalable on the fly, and the mailgun email servers can handle 100s of thousands emails per day. So site performance should not lessen as the users and message traffic increase.


When G+ goes dark, we also lose the link to here, I don’t have a Facebook account by conviction, but a true social media would help dramaticly.

Make the best of G+ before the 7March, (loss of notification), other communities.

The backup transfert would also help, (find a way to have it back high and fast in search engine).

I would also create a home page a root level not just a redirection (+logo).

From K40
comment field for stat purpose:
creation date, birthday 7/11/2014
community reach 100 members on 12/2/2015
community reach 200 members on 11/5/2015
community reach 300 members on 16/7/2015
community reach 400 members on 9/9/2015
community reach 500 members on 16/10/2015
community reach 800 members on 5/1/2016
community reach 900 members on 25/1/2016
community reach 1000 members on 7/2/2016
community reach 1250 members on 25/3/2016
community reach 1500 members on 6/5/2016
community reach 1750 members on 17/6/2016
community reach 2000 members on 3/8/2016
community reach 2250 members on 15/9/2016
community reach 2500 members on 11/10/2016
community reach 3000 members on 2/1/2017
community reach 4000 members on 11/08/2017
community reach 5000 members on 10/05/2018

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