$10 DIY Miter Saw System / Making a Revolutionary Concept Tool


I thought this was quite clever, and am contemplating a similar setup for my miniature tracksaw.

Anyone have any notes on how the KLT box dimensions translate to Systainers?

Suggestions on a suitable plastic crate/box to use here in the U.S.?

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That’s a slick design. I don’t do a lot of wood cutting and my space is small so a table saw wouldn’t earn its space but perhaps I could make a variant of this design that folds down for easy storage and is still quick to set up.

That it is.

After thinking on this a bit, I think my answer is to adapt it to the Husky Rolling Connect System — I already have a couple of them, and:

looks like a suitable candidate — esp. if I can make use of the locking levers to connect the system, making it easy on/off — I have a couple of them which I hacked up trying to make drawers:

which I’ve since replaced w/ the real thing, so we’ll have to see.

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