Zuzanna Lamp Shade: πŸ•‘ 1 Day 20 Hours 2 Mins 11 Seconds http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:730263 It's

Zuzanna Lamp Shade:
:clock2: 1 Day 20 Hours 2 Mins 11 Seconds

It’s finally done, and looking nice.

Sliced with CURA
0.2mm Layer height
30mm/s print speed
Infill 20% (but really not used)
1.2mm thick shells
200 Deg Celsius
0.4mm nozzle with Hexagon Hotend
Printer: WeldingRod Bot (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:981664)

And it’s all worth it.

Why PLA whyyyyy. Why not use PET or something?

why not use PLA, it’s plentiful and cheap although am not convinced it safe around a 100 watt bulb for any length of time , Am impressed it stuck to a cold bed for almost two days.

It was actually difficult to remove.
I’m using blue painters tape.
This stuff is amazing for PLA.

I never tried PET, but again, why not PLA. It’s cheap :slight_smile:

Looks really great!
PET is more clear, PLA is less clear, but also a bit yellow, but for a lamb this looks more warm. It is just what you prefere.
For safety you can better use PET than PLA. PLA does burn with flames and it melts and also the drips keep burning. This is the worst behaviour you can have with plastics. PET is behaving better.
PLA is biodegradable, so from environmental view better than PET.
But if you use a lightbulb that does not get so hot, like a led lamb, then both materials can be used.

I will definitely use a LED lamp which after hours of use, is only warm to the touch. I actually find them at IKEA

Than now just enjoy your lovely lamb!!! :grinning:

@jinx_OI , that sounds interest. I’ll post a photo of that later :smiley: