Zero 3D printer, a journey, Endings & Beginnings.

Zero 3D printer, a journey, Endings & Beginnings.

Add: The MakeZero Team: @Dani_Adriansyah ​ & @David_Poon

Based on SmartRap open source design.

Looks like a newer version of the Smartrap. I like the stronger looking base section. I suspect it will print quite well!

Nice, as an early adopter of the SmartRap and a redesign using all metal parts I always enjoyed watching it evolve. Serge would be pleased. Did you publish the design somewhere?

@Griffin_Paquette , the base is 10mm thick acrylic.
We are fine tuning the Zero to make it deliver a better quality print.
I’ll post picture later of our 1st public print and link back to this post.

@Samer_Najia ,we’ll sort out the design files and BOM list and possibly put it up in Github soon.

Credit: SmartRap creator @Serge_Vieillescaze .
Thank you to @ThantiK , @Ryan_Carlyle , @Mark_Moissette_ckaos , @Nathan_Walkner , @Griffin_Paquette , thank you all once again for your advises and information.