Z-Probe triggering on +5 volts instead of ground

I hate to post what seems like a simple question, but I can’t get my probe to register. I have an inductive probe connected to a 5v regulator.

I need pin 1.28 to trigger when it goes high i believe. I can’t find anything about it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve tried to do it manually with the positive side of the Zmin end stop with no luck.

I though the pulldown would do this, but that was unsuccessful as well.

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Can we get more information about the probe, and about *exactly* how it is wired ?

The probe 12V output (black) is connected to the input side of a 7805 5v regulator.

When triggered 5v is coming from the output of the 7805 and connected to in 1.28 / zmin

I tested with a voltmeter and the 5v is present when triggered

I also bypassed all this and jumped the +5 of the zmin to the signal and it still did not register it.

I figured it out, sorry for posting too soon.

A little more research lead me to a page that suggested using another open pin because the end stops have built in pull up resistors on them.

It works perfect now.

Thank again