Z probe (CNC router)

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Greetings and thanks for any help I can get,

I’m coming from the March3 side of CNC control and decided to switch when my board fried.

I’ve everything is mostly up and running but the z probe. I’ve looked through the config and it might just be that I don’t understand it all. When one zeroes the end mill, generally you have a contact plate that sits on top of the surface. In March3 you would have code that compensates for the thickness of the type of zeroing late one used. Where does one make this adjustment? What is the code? I saw that G30 Z# but I don’t think it does what I intend. Maybe I just don’t understand the description.

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I’m not sure if I understand what you’re doing, but I added this custom menu item to my config, which uses G30 Z#

custom_menu.height_touch_off.enable true
custom_menu.height_touch_off.name Height_Touch
custom_menu.height_touch_off.command G28|G00_Z10.0|G30_Z1.62|G28

This is for a 3D printer, but I use it to set Z0, with a 1.62mm thick contact plate.


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What exactly do you want to do ?
Generally you’ll end up with a combination of G30 Zsomething, G92 Zsomething, G0 Zsomething, etc.