Z AXIS PROBLEM I haven't printed anything for a month and when I started

(Bastiaan Van denabeele) #1


I haven’t printed anything for a month and when I started printing again I noticed that my holes were eclipses. so when I moved my printer 200 mm up from its zero point in the z direction and I measured 17,6cm. I did not change any settings. the Z-motor doesn’t skip a beat.
I use a k8200 printer for almost 2 years and it is the first time I have this problem. I have to admit that I have a wobbly z axis (bought new parts for that, but hasn’t arrived yet ).
For the time being I will change the step/mm settings (try and error style).
But I really would like to now what the cause is of this problem, so I can prevent it in the future

(Keith Applegarth) #2

There is a formula for calibration. Desired movement / Actual movement * Current step value

(Martin Bondéus) #3

Clean and lubricate the Z guide rods, I have had the same problem after a months standstill and they did collect dust so the was too high friction.

(Ishaan Gov) #4

This sounds like loose timing belts–they can stretch over time, so try to check their tension now and then. If that’s the problem, just tighten them up again

(Bastiaan Van denabeele) #5

@Martin_Bondeus I think if there is to must friction the stepper motor would skip beats.
but mine doesn’t. with an induction motor the speed will be affected

(Bastiaan Van denabeele) #6

@Ishaan_Gov my z axis (an threaded rod) is directly mounted to my steppen motor. so it can not be a lose timing belt.

(Martin Bondéus) #7

@Bastiaan_Van_denabee Are you using the Wantai Nema17 motor that came with the K8200 printer?, How have you verified that it does not skip steps?

(Keith Applegarth) #8

You can usually see/hear a stepper that is skipping steps and if there are dual you will see a difference in height.

(Bastiaan Van denabeele) #9

My nema 17 motors doesn’t skip a step.

(Ishaan Gov) #10

@Bastiaan_Van_denabee , sorry, I should have been more specific–the x as y axis timing belts