Z-axis calibration issue CR10s Pro v2

I recently had a big issue accrue to my cr10s pro printer causing me to have to replace the hot end and auto-leveling sensor, after replacing these parts I went as normal, leveled the bed, and leveled the z-axis. however no matter how many times I level the z-axis or bed. when I go to print the printer “defaults” the z-axis is about 1mm above the bed. even though prior I made sure the nozzle distance was .2mm away on all corners and the z-axis was leveled as well. i am at a stalemate on this, any advice?

Do you have a Z offset set in your start gcode?

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or in the slicer settings.

ok, i lowered the z-axis but .2mm to make the nozzle at the correct height, so I set the z-axis off set by a total of -0.20mm. ill see if that worksw

it seems to be working, might need a little fine-tuning, ill check back in later to see if it all worked out! thank you!

I don’t know the CR10 but if the endstop is on top of Z and it won’t go down to the bed level then you’d likely need to increase your total Z height setting. If the Z endstop is at the bed then it could need to be lowered slightly or if there’s a large ‘back-off’ value set then that could be lowered. So many setting but when set, they just work.

The negative Z adjust is an ok temporary fix but I would still want to find the way to get z=0 at the bed without any Z adjust. But that’s me. Good luck.