You often read that "3D Printing is limited by your imagination" This is simply

You often read that “3D Printing is limited by your imagination” This is simply not true. Watch this video to find out why.

I would just print that on its back. The mask would be much better off vaccum formed if you have the tools though. Acetone smoothing would probably be preferred for the mask if it is printed.

cool, you should defenatly turn the background music down at the biggining. Great videos. :slight_smile:

I completely agree, I used acetone when I printed it. With printing on its back I think you mean the part that would be on your face down on the build platform. That didn’t work for me very well for some reason. But, most beginners probably won’t use acetone to start, and use PLA as it is easier to work with. Still, you make a good point, I should have added that.

Actually, I meant that the front of the mask would be facing up. There would be some need of support material and there would be bridging but it might work.