You need this drive MA860H Henrik Larsen  yeah :) ja

(Robert Ritchie) #1

You need this drive MA860H @Henrik_Larsen yeah :slight_smile: ja

(Bouni) #2

I have 4 of them for my CNC router ( which still need to be built :wink: ). Actually they are DQ860MA, but thy look very similar.

(Henrik Larsen) #3

Yes. I looked into Leadshine MA series and they look good. I think i need the ma550 but need to measure my motor windings before i decide.

(Henrik Larsen) #4

I read somewhere that the TB6600 modules from China, just need some manual rework, to be good for 4.5Amp. That could be a more suitable option for me, if you find them to be good.

(Robert Ritchie) #5

@Henrik_Larsen The TB6600 are ok but they are cheap. I would go for something a little stronger.