You lived well little printrboard and fought valiantly,

You lived well little printrboard and fought valiantly, it was just one mod too many that brought you down. You will be missed, but thankfully your replacement only costs 50 bucks :slight_smile:


What happened ?


Bad wiring on an extended heatbed for my old simple, caused a short it seems.

Did something similar when I connected the induction probe. Endedup injecting +12v on the +5v rail…

I had done the upgrade to the 1405 maker version and was VERY happy with it. It’s a much better structure and layout. I didn’t use the induction probe and just installed a z stop on it. My heat bed is a PCB with a glass top so the sensor would not have been able to sense it. So I still have to manually level but I get a a super wide heated bed (almost 8 inches in X). I’ll be re-wiring the heatbed when the replacement board comes in.

There’s a testpad/jumper for the 5v rail on the board. I made a jumper from the 5v on the usb port to there and revived the board. Might work if you just burned out an internal trace somewhere like I apparently did. I think I also put 12v down the 5v rail. Didn’t kill any ICs.

Also, heatbed blowing out traces is a known condition with the geeetech branded printrboards, not sure if it affects the legit printrboard as well.

@Alexander_Templeton On which version of the printrboard was that ?

Rev D

Nice, I’ll have to try that on the revD I invected 12v on.

Printrboard designer here, what did you do to damage the board? Hopefully I can use the feedback to make a better board for the next rev. :slight_smile: Also, if you’d be willing to ship the board to me if you don’t know, I’d very much like to see how it failed.

That’s the kind of attitude that would make me use your products if I were in the US @Laine_Walker-Avina .

@Laine_Walker-Avina I blew up mine when adding the @Printrbot induction probe to my Simple Maker (Late 2014). The kit comes with a small PCB ti inject the +12v to the probe, but the 2 connector on the PCB are identical. By mistake I connected the +12v to the wrong header which caused +12v to be injected on the +5v rail via the Z axis limit switch header.
This was a rev D Printrboard.

@Laine_Walker-Avina Mine poofed when I accidentally shorted the heatbed power lines while it was heating. It was my own wiring so my own fault. It did make pretty sparks.

And of course today I get my replacement refurbished board, flash it and everything seems fine. So I decide to try reflashing the busted board again (something I had tried when it shorted) and NOW it shows up. so @Laine_Walker-Avina your little board is pretty sold, and now I have too of them. Guess it’s time to make a delta printer :slight_smile:

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