You know what would be an awsome upgrade to CP:

You know what would be an awsome upgrade to CP:
The Auto-Level to be able to load an Excelon coordinates file and avoid the holes automatically (:

good idea for those that auto-level after drilling.
perhaps you could you add that in Mircea?
I don’t think you’d need an excelon file unless you were not using the Eagle Board import widget. CP should know where the holes are already.

Actually I’m working in Altium since Eagle could not do what I need it. I export gerber and excellon, process in Flatcam and export gcode. I would definitely add this feature but I lack all web apps programming info and now I must focus on my home automation. Until then I’m happy that my SPJS trick is working and boards started flowing:)

That does sound like a cool feature. I’ve not run into needing this use case myself, but I suppose if you’re doing a 2-sided board it’s an issue on the 2nd side. If you’re doing true through hole plating that would be an issue too. I do think if you use Eagle BRD widget it knows the holes already so that’s a good start.

I’ve not used Altium. What are the limits in Eagle that you come across that have caused you to transfer ?

Have you thought of writing an import widget for Altium? You don’t need web apps or anything. Just a text editor and knowledge of JavaScript.

@Justin_Adie The interface in Eagle is a problem for me, imagine you want to create a component from an existing board (for eg. an Arduino) and when you want to place it you can no longer select it, or if you place it on top of another component you can not separate them, or you select individual pins, a nightmare. Altium is a whole different level :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I never used Java or JS, I stick to plain old C.

i don’t really follow up @Mircea_Russu . I create components all the time and never run into that problem.
I have some time coming up from next week so will take a look at Altium and KiCad.

In the meantime if you think Altium is worthwhile why not build an importer for it?

@Justin_Adie I go long way back with Altium since the days of Protel DXP. I’ve tried Eagle but it felt like hitting my left foot with my other left foot, hate it’s guts and went back to AD :slight_smile:

fair enough @Mircea_Russu . i guess everyone naturally creates an affinity with the first tool they start using full time.