You haven't heard from me lately,

You haven’t heard from me lately, because I haven’t had much to complain about! I had a round mirror for the build plate that I didn’t use because it was too large. Ground flats in it for clearance and yeah, it’s cracking, but until the REAL build plates come in, it’d performing well enough.

Experience meant dialing it in was easy, and it’s done a number of really long prints with no issues.

Now I’m sneaking up on my Ingentis/Quadrap Hybrid build next.

Happy to see you are getting results after such a tough go ! Bet you learned a lot though …

Lube good, in pretty much ALL cases.

yes the actual printing is pretty boring but you still have to watch it, now we need robots to watch how our print is going, thats it! the answer is simple, just buy a robot with your printer, now its easy!