You guys have a question in regards to my tiny G it has been

You guys have a question in regards to my tiny G it has been sitting for almost 2 years and I decided to use it while my gecko 540 is being rude being looked at, installed all the wires for All My Axes and went into chili pepper and programmed all my settings but my control board will not hold the settings for more than a day. Is there anything I can do about this problem?

By control board, can I assume you mean tinyG board?
When the control board “cannot hold settings”, do they revert to the compiled in default settings, or random garbage?
Random garbage might indicate that the EEPROM is being written to too fast, causing EEPROM corruption.

It is random garbage is not consistent with the rest of the settings and yes I am talking about the tiny G control board. Is there a way to fix this?

What method did you use to load parameters in the first place?
Options include
Update widget, Parameter at a time from SerPortConsole, SPJS widget parameter list, and perhaps some I am not familiar with.
We are talking tinyG, not G2core, correct?

Yes, The tiny-g , I used the update widget and one axis at a time in chili pepper also I hand typed down in the left hand side where you can type in settings one at a time .

The update widget has, off an on, had an issue making updates.
Actual failure mode has been difficult to detect.
Since you have indicated some garbage, I highly recommend you perform a defa=1 reset of EEPROM to default settings, followed by a complete, parameter by parameter reload of your specific parameters. Do it from the SPConsole CLI (lower left corner)
You need to do this because apparently there are other “hidden” (not user setable) parameters stored in EEPROM, only resettable with defa=1 or a complete firmware reload.
defa=1 is easier if you already have 440.20 loaded.

That is what I will do , I will let you know as soon as I get it completed if it takes care of the problem or not I do appreciate everything that you have help me with now and in the past you’ve been very very helpful Thank you

Hi Carl
After doing what you recommended I tested the system by turning it off back on and it saves all my settings. I have ran the default chili pepper g code file and it tested ok. I then let it sit overnight and tried it again this morning and it still had all my settings and ran okay so I think it is fixed so thank you very much. Attached is a copy of my settings for my CNC router if you could take a look at it and see if there’s anything that you would recommend to make the CNC router run smoother and faster that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your help and look forward to hearing from you.

#tinygreset (So I can search for it when I need it.)

Kurt - A quick look at your params look OK to me, assuming a ShapeOko like machine.
An xmax=25400,mm y max = 1000mm looks perhaps like an inch to mm translation error, but only really matters if you enable soft limits.
$xtr and $ytr = 40mm is the correct theoretical value, most folks find that values around 39.something give more precise results based on actual measurements.

I just completed the wiring the home/limit’s, could you please give me some starting settings for the soft limit’s/home.