Yesterday was a 3d Printing day.

(Jeffrey Byrns) #1

Yesterday was a 3d Printing day. I had to catch up and make a few things I have been putting off. 1st, I had to design and print a new foot pad for the barstools. For some reason we lost one of the feet and it was beginning to gouge the floor. 2nd, I designed and printed a bracket for my reflector/light on my bicycle. 3rd, and lastly, I designed and printed a front wheel support for my bicycle trainer. I splurged a bit this time and put my last name on it! I love 3D printing. So insanely useful!

(Daniel Bull) #2

All in one day? I’m impressed, your printer must be faster than mine :slight_smile:

(Adam Steinmark) #3

Did you print the foot pads using flexible filament? Ninjaflex has great friction.

(Jeffrey Byrns) #4

Adam, No… just ABS. My wife puts soft pads on the bottom anyway.

(Adam Steinmark) #5

Pity. Although probably easier to do that way since you don’t have to mess with all the difficulties printing.

(Neil Darlow) #6

Did printing the barstool foot convince your wife that the printer is not just a boy’s toy?

I find I need to print something practical every now and again to avoid that situation.

(Jeffrey Byrns) #7

Neil, funny! My wife has actually come around to it. I think she began seeing it as a useful tool when I fixed the wheels on the dishwasher basket last year. Also, since I built mine instead of buying it I didn’t have to sink as much money into it as others may have. I have a friend that spent about 2K for a printer. Mine was less than $400.

(Daniel Bull) #8

My other half still thinks I’m gonna burn the house down when I leave it running overnight, it probably doesn’t help that I have bottles of Acetone kicking around that have big warning symbols on them :wink:

(Adam Steinmark) #9

@Jeffrey_Byrns Custom printer? I’d be interested in learning more about it.

(Jeffrey Byrns) #10

Adam - It is a Prusa i3. Plans are on the Internet for it.

(Adam Steinmark) #11

@Jeffrey_Byrns ​ ah yeah I helped build an i3 for my high school

(Michael Halladay) #12

But have you printed a whistle, yet?

(Jeffrey Byrns) #13

Mike, why yes I have printed a whistle!