Yesterday, a 25 year old Texas law student successfully fired a real bullet from

Yesterday, a 25 year old Texas law student successfully fired a real bullet from the world’s first fully 3D printed gun. Learn about the - find out how it works, what the laws are, and what this means for gun control and regulation.

I think hackaday has it spot on. A lot of people will make a stink about this, but as it is it’s inferior to any number of zip guns that are easier and cheaper to make. Interesting commentary on anarchy and libertarianism vs. established system, but unlikely to cause a lot of actual problems. If anything, it will get blown out of proportion and used to make more laws.

CNCs would produce a much better gun, regulate them too!

A plastic gun that will explode in your face. Not cool.

ole vic carved one like that out of soap back at quentin in 66… worked fine with some tobacco and ball bearings.

people also make bombs at home :confused:

Now when your 3D printer can produce a hunter/seeker, such as depicted in Dune, THEN you’d better regulate them… OH! it’'ll be too late by then, nevermind.

would it not be easier to take a piece of steel tubing, put a bullet in it and punch it with a pin. no need to buy an expensive printer!

@peter_birkholz - you’d better stop that, or stocks in 3D printers will plummet!

You don’t need a 3D printer, just a drill press, a hacksaw, and a file.

“In this volume of Expedient Homemade Firearms i will endeavour to show how a more compact and lightweight machine pistol can be constructed from readily available off-the-shelf materials.”

“1. Electric Drill or Drill Press
2. Drill Bits 1.5 to 9mm diameter
3. Hacksaw
4. Large Files, Round, Half Round and Flat
5. Angle Grinder
6. Bench Grinder
7. Hammer
8. Set square
9. 14.2 mm (9/16) Taper Pin Reamer
10. Taper Cutting Tool
11. Countersink Tool
12. Large Vice
The tools listed above are the minimum required. Obviously the better selection of tools you have at your disposal the easier the firearm will be to construct. A drill press, for example, while not in the hand tool category, will save you a lot of time when drilling holes, etc.”

I prefer an Axe for my imaginary killing sprees

I don’t care if it can shoot real bullets, I would still laugh if someone pointed that at me.

Really interesting comments. Great article too!