Yes you can use powder coating in a laser!


Good idea…

I wonder what colors [if any] would work with a diode laser?
I may try this for my RV label project.

Seems like this would make a mess in your machine which means that using a fixed jig in the machine would be better. Apply and clean outside of the machine.

I powder coat in my shop and this stuff is diabolical, statically sticks to everything. Then again in Utah, the RH is quite low most of the time.

Not a good idea to use a vacuum as it can get in the motor.


If you use a HEPA filter in your shop vac (I do) it’s probably OK to vacuum? The motor and fan are on the other side of the filter…


That said I’d rather not waste the powder, and when I’m enameling I try to save all the frit I can.

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Very cool idea

This looks great.

don’t forget to turn air assist off during the powdercoat melting phase!


My nephew works for a photocopier company and he says the new toners are a polyester plastic. I can get hold of full toner cartridges so i may give it a go. In the UK the powder coat granules arent cheap for the amount I’m gonna use them so thought I’d give the toner a try. I asked him about the “carcinogenic” rumours and he says that was more around the old style ones. Ill let you know how I get on.