Yes.  Yes it has been.

Yes. Yes it has been. It doesn’t mean that it’s not worth exploring though, the community all by itself is composed of so many hackers, makers, and higher-order thinkers that it well makes up for any shortcoming current machines face.

No. No it hasn’t. 3D printing is life changing for me. Just 3 months ago, I knew all about 3d printing, but didn’t know where to find one I could use. I have always been a maker, even as a kid. I always made due with the tools at my disposal. Sometimes I could make what was in my head, most times I made something close or hacked until I got something that worked. Recently I took on a new project, where this would not be possible. It was comprised of all custom parts. Lots of gears, arms, wheels, etc. None of which existed. I figured out where the nearest 3d printer I had access too was located, and learned how to use it. Since then, I have made dozens of parts used in my projects. The average cost of my projects went from several hundred dollars to ~$50-$60. I can now make exactly what is in my head and have it in minutes to hours. Almost immediately after realizing I could take an idea in my head and have a tangible object for nearly no expense… I realized my life had changed, and that I had to own a 3d printer of my own.

Its not over-hyped. If anything, people have not realized its potential.